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Manufactured in the USA

Corrosion Resistant Butterfly Valves

Andronaco Industries understands the importance of butterfly valves and how they play a crucial role in regulating fluid flow in various industries such as oil and gas, chemical processing, water treatment, HVAC and many others. As the world-leading manufacturer of high-performance fluoropolymer and composite products, Andronaco has manufactured butterfly valves made from Durcor®, the strongest, lightest, and most chemically resistant fluoropolymer composite valve in the world.

Additionally, Andronaco has led the industry by creating a valve body that is manufactured from advanced fiber reinforced vinyl ester resin, strong as steel, ½ the weight of ductile iron and corrosion resistant. Butterfly valve options include: Nil-Cor® Double-Offset Composite Butterfly Valves, ChemTite® Ethylene Fluoropolymer Lined Metal Butterfly Valves, Pureflex® and Nil-Cor® Fluoropolymer Lined Composite Butterfly Valves, Nil-Cor® UHMWPE Lined Fiberglass Composite Butterfly Valves and Nil-Cor® Elastomer Lined Butterfly Valves. 

Application Suitability

Before making your final determination on valve suitability for your specific application and compatibility with the chemicals and conditions it will be exposed to, please review our Chemical Application Guide and contact our customer service specialists.

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