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ChemTite® Ethylene™ Flexijoint® Durcor® -62™ Expansion Joints

ChemTite® Ethylene™ Flexijoint® Flexijoint® Durcor® -62™ Expansion Joints are manufactured by a proprietary advanced fiber-reinforced composite.  Durcor®-62™ has tensile and compressive strengths that rival steel along with outstanding impact resistance that is unmatched in the industry. Its reinforcing fibers are long and interlocked; this interlocked reinforcement system transfers loads throughout the fiber matrix, making Durcor®-62™ Flanges virtually indestructible.

The strength of Durcor®-62™ enables the Flange to maintain CLASS 150 rating and ANSI B16.5 dimensions. And allows it to be installed in any type of piping system without the need for special considerations. Durcor®-62™ Flanges excel in temperatures from (-)60°F to 300°F and has only .001" of thermal expansion across its full temperature range.

  • Tensile strength of 50,000psiper ASTM D-638 or 358 Mpa.
  • Notched Izod impact strength of 30 ft. lb/inch per ASTM D-256 or 1760 J/M are achieved.
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Product Features & Benefits

  • DURCOR® -62™ VINYL ESTER RESIN BACKBONE: provides excellent protection when exposed to aggressive chemicals and hostile atmospheres such as acid sprays, bleach, salt water and high chlorides. 
  • THREAD STRENGTH: Durcor®-62 provides greater than 210 Ft-lbs of thread strength. No need for Alloy Thread Inserts.
  • AS STRONG AS STEEL: Durcor®-62™ Flanges are ½ the weight of steel, outperform stainless and ductile iron flanges not only in corrosive environments but non-corrosive as well.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT ADVANTAGE: reduces the need for heavier support structures for hanging, eliminates the need for extra equipment and personnel for pipe and fitting installation, and reduces pipe strain once installed. 
  • CLASS 150 RATING/ANSI B16.5 DIMENSIONS: the strength of DURCOR® -62™ enables the flange to maintain CLASS 150 rating and ANSI5 dimensions.
  • LOWER COST: Lower cost vs. S.S Flg PTFEBellows and lower installed cost.
  • 5 YEAR WARRANTY: Durcor®-62™ Flanges are so dependable and maintenance free that we offer the industry's first 5-year, bumper to bumper warranty.
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  • Lined Steel Pipe
  • Fiberglass Pipe
  • Glass Pipe
  • Pump Suction & Discharge
  • Load Cells
  • HVAC Noise Reduction
  • Expansion / Contraction
  • Misalignment
  • Reduce Vibration



  • Bellows: Virgin PTFE
  • Flanges: Durcor®-62™ Advanced Composite
  • T-Bands™: Powder Coated Epoxy DI
    • Option: Composite
  • LimitLinks™: 303 Stainless Conforming to MIL-C5424
    • Option: Monel

Maximum Travel

  • - 2 to 12 convolutions

Size Range

  • 1" - 12"


  • (-)60F to +300F


SizeFor Two ConvolutionsEach Add'L Convolution
1"1.75 lbs.02 lbs
1 1/2"2.50.03
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