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FLEXARMOR® PTFE Expansion Joints

High Pressure Ratings of a Metallic Expansion Joint COMBINED with the High Temperature and Corrosion Resistance of PTFE

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Corrosion Resistant Expansion Joints

Andronaco Industries offers the below world-leading metal expansion joint & bellow brands.

  • ChemTite® Ethylene™ Flexijoint® expansion joints have a proven record worldwide of handling the Chemical Proces Industries most corrosive pipe stress problems. They are formed from isostatically molded, FDA approved, virgin PTFE resin to guarantee product purity and uniform thickness. 
  • ChemTite® Ethylene™ Flexijoint® Durcor® -62™ expansion joints are manufactured by a proprietary advanced fiber-reinforced composite.  Durcor®-62™ has tensile and compressive strengths that rival steel along with outstanding impact resistance that is unmatched in the industry.
  • ChemTite® Ethylene™ FlexArmor® Flexijoint® expansion joints combine the high-pressure rating of a metallic expansion joint with the high temperature and near-universal corrosion resistance of PTFE. They are designed for services where the unreinforced Flexijoint PTFE joints is unsuitable. 
  • PureFlex® BlueLine™ flexible expansion joints are constructed from uniform-walled isostatically molded PTFE and demonstrate a high level of design consistency throughout the product line. This consistency, not apparent in competitive products, is a result of an optimally designed convolution and a proprietary manufacturing process.

Review the full PTFE expansion joint product lines below. Before making your final determination on expansion joint suitability for your specific application and compatibility with the chemicals and conditions it will be exposed to, please contact our customer service specialists. 

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A Total Systems Approach

Our technical expertise and large product portfolio enable end-to-end solutions in the most challenging and demanding corrosive environments. Complemented by several materials of construction, our product range includes vessels & tanks, valves, piping, hoses and additional components to support fluid management needs.

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