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Manufactured in the USA

Fluoropolymer Lined Hoses

Fluoropolymer lined hoses are a safe and cost-efficient material for transferring a range of corrosive chemicals. At Andronaco, we're committed to making the highest quality fluoropolymer lined composite hoses.

Types of Fluoropolymer Hoses

Fluoropolymer lining resists chemicals such as cleaning rinses, oily water, and spent solvents. They also provide clean transfer for high purity water and chemical streams. There are multiple types of fluoropolymers commonly used as chemically resistant hose linings. The most resistant fluoropolymers are fully fluorinated, meaning that each carbon atom is bonded to a fluorine atom for the maximum number of strong bonds.

Polytetrafluoroethylene, or PTFE, is one of the strongest, densest, and most widely used fluoropolymers for lining industrial equipment.

Uses for Fluoropolymer Lined Hose

Fluoropolymer lining resists most corrosive chemicals at temperatures below 400 F. They are used as an important safety measure in the fluid processing and manufacturing industries. These lined hoses can dependably transfer fluids such as:

  • Oily water
  • Sump and floor discharges
  • Wash and makeup water
  • Chemical cleaning rinses
  • Cooling water
  • Separator fluids
  • Spent solvents
  • High purity water and chemicals

Purchase Reliable Fluoropolymer Lined Hose to Process Fluids Safely

Fluoropolymer-lined hoses can safely deal with many hazardous and nonhazardous fluids. Contact us for more information on fluoropolymer components.

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