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Durcor® Pipe - Total Cost of Ownership

When comparing the total cost of ownership of the Durcor® PTFE/FEP lined structural composite piping system to PTFE/FEP lined alloy piping systems, there are several additional cost saving advantages of the Durcor piping system including:

  • The Durcor piping system is approximately 1/4 the weight of a lined alloy piping system 
    • Reduction in transportation costs
    • Reduction in installation costs - less labor/rigging, minimal crane requirements
  • The Durcor piping system is 100% corrosion resistant
    • Zero corrosion impact internally from permeated chemicals
    • Zero corrosion impact externally from atmospheric conditions
    • Zero corrosion impact from pipe being insulated
  • The Durcor piping system is maintenance free
    • No exterior painting required for corrosion resistance, no corrosion under flanges
    • Durcor piping can be stored for years with no effect on product integrity or performance
    • UV inhibitor incorporated in external pipe to extend life in outdoor installations 
  • The Durcor piping system can be pigmented at the time of manufacturing for color coding piping systems related to fluid transfer lines

  • Durcor pipe is self-insulating
    • Durcor pipe housing composite construction has been tested not to exceed 180°F if the process fluid is 300°F (maximum operating temperature)
    • If the piping system is being insulated for burn protection, insulation may not be necessary with Durcor pipe
    • When insulating piping for thermal loss, if Durcor piping is used, no or less insulation will be required as compared to lined steel
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The Durcor Advantage. Further Breakdown.

The purchase price of the lined pipe is only a portion of the cost of ownership. Durcor is ¼ the weight of any lined steel piping system and corrosion resistant.

  1. Durcor pipe is lighter weight which reduces the cost of transportation. Example: 6” Durcor 90° elbow weighs 19.5 lbs whereas a lined steel elbow weighs 75 lbs. Three Durcor elbows can be shipped via UPS whereas lined steel elbows must be shipped on a skid via truck transportation.  
  2. Durcor pipe is lighter weight which reduces the cost of installation. Example: 4" X 10” Durcor spool weighs less than 100 lbs whereas a lined steel spool weighs over 350 lbs. Two men could install a Durcor spool by hand whereas lined steel would require a hoist, forklift, or crane rental, which is very costly.
  3. Durcor pipe is ready to use. Lined steel pipe comes primed and should be sanded and painted to help resist external corrosion. If the paint is chipped during installation, it must be touched up. These are added expenses. Durcor comes with a gel coated UV corrosion resistant housing, making Durcor ready to use. For process safety management, Durcor piping systems can be pigmented during the manufacturing process to identify fluid streams by color.
  4. Durcor pipe is not affected by permeation. Hydrochloric acid permeates the PTFE liner and corrodes the steel pipe from the inside out. When in service, there is no way to determine the wall thickness of the steel pipe until the PTFE liner shows through or there is a catastrophic failure. This permeation has no corrosive effect on the interior of Durcor pipe.
  5. Durcor pipe reduces long term maintenance costs. In many plant environments, over time, the lined steel pipe must be scraped and repainted to prevent external corrosion. Ongoing maintenance is an added and hidden expense. Durcor does not require it.
  6. Durcor pipe is self-insulating. Durcor pipe housing composite construction has been tested not to exceed 180°F if the process fluid is 300°F (maximum operating temperature). If the piping system is being insulated for burn protection, with Durcor pipe it may not be necessary. And if it is being insulated for thermal loss, less insulation is required. Insulation is expensive.

Please be sure to take the total cost of ownership into account when deciding on what type of lined pipe is to be used.  Lowest total cost of ownership will ensure a sustainable plant.

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