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Industrial businesses such as offshore oil rigs, petrochemical manufacturers, and wastewater management facilities routinely deal with corrosive liquids. Choosing the right materials for valves is essential for safe and effective operations.

Types of Internal Valve Corrosion

The list of corrosive liquids and gases that industrial valves face (often under pressure and boiling) is extensive, affecting oil refineries, manufacturing plants, and food and beverage makers. Common industrial corrosives include:

  • Sulfuric, nitric, and phosphoric acids
  • Hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids
  • Chlorine
  • Sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide
  • Carbonic acid and other hydrocarbon byproducts

These chemicals can cause stress-corrosion cracking, crevice corrosion, pitting, leaks, and ultimately, system failure. Our Nil-Cor brand offers a complete line of corrosion resistant, fiber-reinforced valves that provide resistance to over 1000 chemicals and chemical combinations. Nil-Cor® valves are also engineered to attain the strength comparable to metals while harnessing the inherent corrosion resistance found in advanced fibers and resins.

External Corrosion Risks

Valve stems are vulnerable to external corrosion, which can cause flow systems to respond slowly or seize. In underwater pipelines and marine applications, this type of corrosion happens because of saltwater, chloride-ion pitting, and biofouling. As seawater temperature increases, so do corrosion levels.

Other exposed valves deal with oxidation. Manufacturing facilities, municipal stations, energy generation plants, and wind generators face external corrosion because of constant exposure to the elements. In the case of PVC valves, UV rays can weaken key areas quickly.

The solution is to select pipeline components made from high-performance materials rather than cheap but maintenance-intensive metals. Depending on operating temperatures, we recommend composite materials for offshore, hydroelectric, and marine operations. Type 316 stainless steel and nickel alloys also work well.

Corrosion Solutions

At Andronaco, we are experts in corrosion-resistant industrial components. For 30 years, we have provided businesses around the world with high-performance composite thermoplastic valves, reaction vessel components, and diaphragm pumps. Nil-Cor materials provide excellent resistance to suspended particles and mild slurries, offering good abrasion resistance, and remains unaffected by ultraviolet light.

About Andronaco 

Andronaco is a group of global manufacturing brands specializing in innovative engineered products, specialty systems, and value-added services for the pharmaceutical, chemical, steel, wastewater, and energy markets. We support autonomous operating companies focused on meeting the demands of their customers' requirements in ultrapure and industrial fluid management. Our brands pride themselves on exhibiting the highest ethical, moral, and legal standards in the conduct of their business.

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