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Endurance™Composites Dual Laminate Vessels & Tanks

Endurance™ Composites has manufactured and installed dual laminate tanks and vessels for over 60 years for world-leading chemical companies such as Dow Chemical. With superior corrosion resistance, Endurance can manufacture straight fiberglass tanks or dual laminate tanks to a wide variety of planet specifications.

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What is Dual Laminate?

Dual laminate is a hybrid system made of specialized thermoplastic liner inside, and fiberglass (FRP/GRP) structure outside. The thermoplastic liner can be matched to specific chemical requirements, which provides long life and the ability to withstand abrasion and high temperatures.

Product Features & Benefits

  • STRAIGHT FIBERGLASS TANKS OR DUAL LAMINATE TANKS: Endurance™ Composites can manufacture straight fiberglass tanks or dual laminate tanks to a wide variety of plant specifications.
  • PROPRIETARY BONDING PROCESS: Endurance™ Composites has developed a proprietary bonding process which fully contact-bonds the laminates to reduce failure related to vacuum and differential coefficients of thermal expansion. This bonding process proves all other dual laminate manufacturing as old technology. With Endurance Composites dual laminate tanks, typical modes of failure do not occur due to this proprietary process.
  • FIBERGLASS COMPOSITE MATRIX EXTERIOR: For mechanical strength, Endurance™ Composites dual laminate tanks and vessels are manufactured with a fiberglass (FRP/GRP) composite matrix exterior.
  • CORROSION RESISTANT THERMOPLASTIC INTERIOR: The corrosion resistant thermoplastic interior offers exceptional service against dangerous and hazardous chemistry. It offers superior resistance to leaching agents, chemical attack as well as high purity process capabilities.
  • DESIGNED FOR ABOVE OR BELOW GROUND APPLICATONS: Our chemical tanks can be designed for above or below ground applications. We can ship a completed storage tank to the field for installation or fabricate large diameter tank components in sections and sized for shipment to the job site. Our highly qualified field crews can quickly assemble the components to form the completed chemical storage tank. Sections or a complete tank can be transported via truck or barge.
  • SPECIALIZED DESIGNS AND CONSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE: Endurance™ Composites will provide specialized designs and construction if required, and add whatever external hardware best suits your application.
  • QUALITY ENGINEERED, DESIGNED, AND BUILT: Endurance™ Composites chemical storage tanks and vessels are quality engineered, designed, and built to your exact service conditions. When coupled with our Endurance straight or dual laminate piping system, you are assured of a long-lasting process system solution. Our chemical storage tanks are built to meet or exceed the following standards:
    • ASTM D4097 (hand lay-up custom contact molded equipment)
    • ASTM D3299 (filament wound fabrication)
    • ASME Section X
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Safety & Quality Assurance

We understand that safety is important to our customers, so we make safety our number one priority. Our staff is highly trained and held to a specific set of standards through contractor safety council training & testing specific to each plant.

Endurance Composites provides quality control through in-house testing and 3rd party independent validation through a variety of tests:

  • Burn Out Testing (glass content)
  • Spark Testing
  • Hydro Testing
  • Barcol (surface hardness)
  • SPI (gel time, cure time, peak exotherm, viscosity)
  • Conductivity (if required)
  • Visual Inspection according to ASTM standards
  • Dimensional Validation
  • Raw Material Inspection on all incoming materials (including certificates of compliance)
  • Laminator, Secondary Bonder, and Thermoplastic Welder Certification Testing per AWS & DVS Standards
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  • Water & Wastewater
  • Chemical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Mining
  • Metal Processing
  • Food Processing
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