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Nil-Cor® Ball Check Valves (300X, 310, 500XP, 610XP Series)

Nil-Cor® Ball Check Valves, Fiberglass or Graphite Reinforcement Valves (300, 310, 500XP, 610XP Series) are made from fiber-reinforced Thermoset Resins for corrosive chemical service used in construction of pressurized piping systems.


Size Range: 1”-6” Flanged
Flange Drilling: ANSI CL 150
Body Types: One-Piece
Body Material: 300 Graphite/Vinyl ester, 310 Glass/Vinyl ester, 410 Glass/Polysulfone, 500XP Graphite/Epoxy, 610XP Glass/Epoxy
Ball Materials: PTFE, Polypropylene
Seat Materials: FKM Fluoroelastomer
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Product Features & Benefits

  • ONE-PIECE BODY: The one-piece body eliminates the leak path inherent in a body joint.
  • STRENGTH EQUIVALENT TO METALS: Nil-Cor® ball check valves are designed to achieve strengths equivalent to metals with the inherent corrosion resistance of advanced polymer matrix composite materials.
  • RUGGED AND DURABLE: For additional ruggedness and durability, the composite check valve has a body designed with heavier wall and flange thickness than metal.
  • STRONG, DURABLE AND LIGHT WEIGHT: Excellent alternative to high alloy valves. Nil-Cor ball check valves are 50% - 80% lower cost and 1/3 the weight. Saves money on piping supports and makes Nil-Cor ball check valves ideal for use on plastic and FRP flanged piping systems.
  • CORROSION RESISTANT, SAFE AND RELIABLE: All Nil-Cor ball valves feature lightweight, corrosion resistant bodies, no wetted metallic components and a lock-out as standard equipment.
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Technical Details


  • 300: Vinyl ester resin, graphite fiber reinforced
  • 310: Vinyl ester resin, glass fiber reinforced
  • 500XP: Novolac Epoxy resin, graphite fiber reinforced
  • 610XP: Novolac Epoxy resin, glass fiber reinforced

Construction (300, 310, 500XP, 610XP Series):

  • Body: Compression molded fiber-reinforced Thermoset Resins with integrally molded ball guides
  • Ball: Solid Virgin PTFE. Other materials available
  • Seat: PTFE-coated Viton
  • Body O-Ring: PTFE-coated Viton
  • 5 Body Insert: Compression molded fiber-reinforced Thermoset Resin

Size Range

  • Available size range:1”-6” 

Service Temperature

  • (-)50°F to 275°F
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Pressure Rating


  • Oil Refinery
  • Power Industry
  • Paper and Pulp
  • Chemical
  • Mining
  • Water and Wastewater
  • Hydrogen
  • Natural Gas Distribution
  • Lithium
  • Steel Processing
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