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ChemTite® Ethylene™ FLO-VU® Sight Flow Indicator, PTFE and Glass Wetted Surfaces

The ChemTite® Ethylene™ FLO-VU® Sight Flow Indicator has a Lexan® outer safety shield with an unobstructed 360° view to protect the glass from external damage and to provide scatter protection (two options: 360L PFA/PTFE Lined and 360M Unlined). The FLO-VU 360L sight glass: 1" through 12" diameter, featuring a full 360° unobstructed view with the high temperature and near-universal corrosion resistance of PTFE.The unique PTFE/Viton®* seal design is an envelope-type gasket which provides a secure, bubble-tight seal even in applications with extreme thermal cycling.

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Product Features & Benefits

  • ENERGIZED SEAL DESIGN: PTFE/Viton® Energizer gasket provides a secure, bubble-tight seat even in applications with extreme thermal cycling. Silicone energizer option for fluid services over 350°F.
  • LEXAN® POLYCARBONATE IMPACT SHIELD: A Lexan® outer safety shield with an unobstructed 360° view to protect the glass from external damage and to provide scatter protection (360L PFA/PTFE Lined and 360M Unlined). Polycarbonate or Slotted Metal Shields available.
  • 100% TESTING AND CERTIFICATION: Each unit is subject to a 1.5X MAWP hydrostatic pressure test and a 100 psig helium mass spectrometry test before shipment. (Helium test on ½” – 6” only. Passes steam-cold water cycling tests (ASTM F-423).
  • PFA/PTFE and GLASS WETTED SURFACES: PFA/PTFE and borosilicate glass wetted surfaces offer high temperature with maximum corrosion resistance and absolute product purity.
  • RUGGED CONSTRUCTION: All FLO-VU® sight indicators have heavy-duty tie rods and flanges to limit deformation under heavy external loads and reduce glass stress.
  • AVAILABLE OPTIONS: Unlined 316 Stainless Steel Flanges with the FLO-VU® 360M, PFA/PTFE lined with the FLO-VU® 360L.
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Technical Details


  • Pressure Rating Up to 150 @ 400°F
    • ½” to 6” full vacuum to 150 psi
    • 8” – 10” full vacuum to 85 psi
    • 12” full vacuum to 65 psi
  • Temperature Range -20° to 400°F
  • Vacuum Rating Full Vacuum
  • Flange Material 316 Stainless Steel
  • Glass Tube Borosilicate
  • Impact Shield Lexan®
  • Flange Liner PTFE / PFA
  • FM Compliant

Size Range

  • 1” – 12” up to 50” long


  • Operating temperature is (-)20°F to (+)400° F
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Nominal Diameter Lengths Available Lengths Stocked
Lengths 5" through 50" … 8" OAL Stocked at Factory
1" 5"-50" 8"
1 1/2" 5"-50" 8"
2" 5"-50" 8"
3" 5"-50" 8"
4" 5"-50" 8"
6" 5"-50" 8"
8" 5"-50" 8"
10" 5"-50" 8"
12" 5"-50" 8"

FLO-VU® Available Options

  • Gas Purge Ring - for purging and environmental control of the annular area between the glass tube and shield.
  • General Purpose and Explosion Proof Light - for back-lighting through windows in difficult lighting installations.
  • Vertical Drip Tube - for easy viewing of low flow rates in vertical installations.
  • Horizontal Flapper - for visual indication of low rates in horizontal installations.

Viton® is a registered trademark of DuPont Dow Elastomers

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