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ProFlex™ Convoluted Hose, PFA Lined Hose, Super Long Length Hose

The ProFlex™ Convoluted Hose, PFA Hose, Super Long Length Hose offers super long lengths, excellent chemical resistance, and flexibility. PFA has the same chemical and temperature resistance as PTFE and much better flex life than FEP. ProFlex PFA open pitch spiral convolutions aid in draining, flushing, and cleaning of the hose. ProFlex industrial grade PFA was designed for customer applications that don't require or need pharmaceutical grade hose. For Pharmacopoeia class VI or semi-conductor applications please request ProFlex "HP".

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Product Features & Benefits

  • CORROSIAN RESISTANT: PFA is fully resistant to the broadest range of industrial chemicals and has a zero-corrosion rate with lower life cycle costs.
  • LONG CONTINUOUS LENGTHS: Up to 1,000 feet long (size dependent). Excellent for slip lining failed piping systems.
  • EASE OF FABRICATION: Fittings do not need PTFE tape wrap on fitting barb and insert does not require any tooling to be installed. Cut & crimp—reduced fabrication costs.
  • CLEANABLE: Non-stick, low porosity tube is self-cleaning and does not trap bacteria. Can be cleaned with steam, detergents, caustics, or solvents.
  • FLEXIBLE: Lower forces needed to bend or flex; aids in installation and operation.
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Braid Options Available

  • 316 Stainless Steel Braid PFA
  • Polypropylene Braid PFA
  • Note: ProFlex is not available with Static - Dissipating PTFE

Hose Cover Options

  1. Scuff Sleeve – Protects hose exterior from damage when dragged over rough surfaces.
  2. Fire Sleeve – Protects hose from extreme exterior temperatures. Can be used as insulation and protects personnel from extreme interior temperatures.
  3. Polyolefin - Provides a smooth, cleanable covering over braided hose. Many colors available.
  4. Armor Guard – Protects hose rom kinking by not allowing it to exceed its bend radius.
  5. Spring Guard – Provides kink resistance and protects hose from damage when dragged over rough surfaces.
  6. HDPE Armor – Provides kink and wear protection during rough handling. Available in (8) colors for color coding and is the only protective cover that can be installed on an existing assembly.
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Electrically Heated Option

Electrically heated options may be applied to many of the hose assemblies available from PureFlex®. Our superior insulations and precisely applied heating elements provide the most temperature-stable heated hoses on the market. PureFlex heated hoses are excellent for maintaining viscosity control, freeze protection, and dispensing temperature-sensitive media. Temperature options available from ambient to 450°F (hose selection dependent).

If interested in learning if the electrical heated option can be applied to your specific hose requirements, please complete the Electric Heating Option Form and submit to  


Temperature Range

Stainless braid and bare hose temperature range: (-)65°F (-54°C) to (+)450°F (+232°C)
Polypropylene braid temperature range: (-)20°F (-29°C) to (+)250°F (+121°C)
Operating Pressure (psi) Minimum
Bend Radius
Per Foot
  Operating pressure ratings are one-fourth the minimum burst pressure at (+)70°F (21°C)
Pressure and vacuum ratings are based at (+)70°F (21°C)
1/2" 1500 575 1.50 29.9 0.20
5/8" 1200 550 1.50 29.9 0.24
3/4" 1100 500 2.00 29.9 0.28
1" 1000 400 2.50 29.9 0.35
1-1/4" 875 350 3.25 29.9 0.48
1-1/2" 750 300 3.75 29.9 0.60
2" 625 250 6.50 24.0 0.85
3" 150 150 9.50 20.0 1.79

Technical Details

  • Applications: Industrial grade, heavy duty, chemical resistant
  • Liner material: PFA
  • Cover: Stainless steel or polypropylene braid
  • Size range: 1/2" to 3"
  • Pressure rating: Full vacuum to 1500 PSI
  • Temperature range: -65°F to +450°F


  • Long Run Applications
  • Cleanable Applications
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