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Total System Solutions for High Purity Applications 


Offering more than 30 years of expertise in lined steel and lined composites for high purity and corrosive processes, Andronaco specializes in highly engineered total system solutions that bring new purity potential to the semiconductor supply chain.  Our broad product line includes tanks, valves, piping & fittings, and hose system solutions to meet your specific application needs. 

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Products for the Semiconductor Market

The semiconductor market requires higher purity than any other market.  With the goal of parts per quadrillion impurity levels, the microelectronics industry is counting on the value chain utilizing SEMI standards and bringing innovation to the table to achieve ultra-pure processing for their integrated circuits or chips.  We have an extensive portfolio of products, and we provide the expertise you need to decide on the most cost-effective solution for the long-term life of your plant. Some of the products that could work well in semiconductor applications include:

  • Durcor® Engineered Structural Composite: With mechanical properties similar to lined metal products, these advanced composite fluoropolymer-lined piping systems have zero metallic corrosion and are lighter in weight. 
  • ChemTite® Ethylene™ Lined Steel: The first and highest quality fluoropolymer lined steel piping system on the market. Our portfolio includes valves, expansion joints, piping & fittings, and accessories like dip-tubes, spargers, sight glasses or indicators, t-line strainers, and more
  • PureFlex® Hoses: Endless options for high purity and corrosion resistant hoses and fittings
  • Nil-Cor® Composite Valves: Lightweight valves with extensive resin and reinforcement choices
  • Endurance™ Composites FRP and Dual Laminate Tanks and Piping & Fittings: Offering multiple options for liner materials and custom-crafted shapes with piping in flanged or flangeless versions
  • RamParts® Pumps: Heavy duty horizontal single diaphragm pump with dual air assist for managing wastewater and to achieve the driest slurry cake, longest life, and lowest maintenance cost available


The integration of durable, high-performance fluid processing systems will be key to mitigating purity specification challenges, corrosion, downtime, and maintenance costs.  At Andronaco, we believe leveraging our total systems approach with lined steel and lined composites can make a step change in purity for semiconductor wet chemical processing. 

Advanced Fluid Management Solutions

Chemical manufacturers, bulk chemical distributors, and Integrated Design Manufacturers (IDMs) need fluoropolymer lined equipment with the lowest possible permeation to prevent contamination, corrosion, and leaching in chemical plants, storage, transportation, and throughout the fab for processing wafers.  Wet chemicals can include ultra-pure solvents like ethylene glycol, n-butyl acetate, ethyl acetate, acetone; etchants; straight acids like hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid; and straight bases like potassium hydroxide, ammonium fluoride, and sodium hydroxide. 

Focused on performance, safety, and dependability, Andronaco offers high purity and corrosion-resistant fluoropolymer-lined steel and composite fluid processing management system products. Contact us to speak with our sales team to learn more about specific solutions for the semiconductor market.

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