P Series Diaphragm Pump

Sizes: 1½" to 6"
State of the Art PLC Controllers Available
125 psig Service, Flows to 380 GPM
Temperatures up to 300°F

A super heavy duty, sealless Diaphragm pump designed for continuous operation of the most demanding fluids. Whether it be sludge, abrasives, corrosives or any combination of the three, RamParts® pumps are built to take the punishment.

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iPC Series Diaphragm Pump

Plug & Play
Air Driven
Intermittent or or Continuous Duty
Independent Control of Suction & Discharge Strokes

Connect an air line and start pumping, no electronics required. The air control system of an air driven diaphragm pump is an essential factor in pump performance. The patent pending Integrated Pneumatic Control System is constructed with durable, time-proven RAMPARTS® components for use in real-world applications.

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ProFlow® Centrifugal Pump

Available in Four Sizes
Epoxy Coated for External Protection
Handles Spherical Solids up to 1”

Ramparts Pro-Flo elastomer lined (vertically split) end suction centrifugal pumps are specially designed for chemical process and mild slurry applications. Pro-Flo offers outstanding resistance to a wide range of chemicals both acid and alkali. Pro-Flo pumps feature a unique hydraulic design that incorporates a tangential discharge, which guarantees continuous pumping performance and efficiency.

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Flexijoint® Expansion Joints

Sizes: 1/2" to 42"
Pure 100% Virgin PTFE Resin
Available in 2 to 12 Convolutions
Features & Benefits
  • T-Band™ Provide Protection from Over Compression
  • LimitLinks™ Provide Protection from Over Expansion
  • Uniform Wall Thickness
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PureFlex® Hoses

Sizes: 1/2" to 10"
525 psi Service
Available in rubber, stainless steel braid, silicon, food grade rubber.
Virgin PTFE Liner
Features & Benefits
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Heated Hose Available
  • Temperature Range of (-)40°F to (+)500°F
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