FlangeX Flaring & Flanging Machine


Cold Forms Stub-End on Pipe Without Welding

Add Vanstone / Rotating Flange Capability To Pipe in 90 Seconds

Can Flare Carbon & Stainless Steel Schedule 40 & 10

Flanging Machine

ANDRONACO INDUSTRIES has developed another innovation to assist its customers in fabricating carbon steel and stainless steel pipe spools rapidly without the need for timely welding or expensive X-ray QC requirements. FlangeX is a highly engineered machine, designed with operator friendly controls that provide consistent high quality flared pipe ends. The ANDRONACO FlangeX machine cold forms a stub-end on pipe allowing the use of

rotating flanges (VanStone) to be utilized. Rotating flanges increase man hour productivity during pipe installation as it eliminates the issues of lining up bolt holes as pipe is installed.
Visit www.ANDRONACO.com to view video of FlangeX in action. FlangeX can be purchased or is available with lease options. Contact ANDRONACO INDUSTRIES for more information at 616.554-4600.